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  • Build Over 30 Downlines With Just 1 Link
  • Build Your Own List - Your Leads, Not Joe's
  • Build A Solid, Residual, Monthly Income
  • Now With A Team Advertising Program

Fellow Internet Marketer

My name is Tim Kanerva. I created FreeDownliner.com in the first place as a downline builder, which has a very unique list building system built in. 2 weeks after the launch I realized, that FreeDownliner is a Magical Income Builder for anyone who just can follow the simple instructions.

Because 5 > 1

Every day while doing my daily advertising routines, I see hard working marketers promoting a List Builder or a Traffic Exchange in another List Builder or TE. Actually most of the marketers are doing that. They are building their downlines - or should I say a downline, because they are building just 1 downline at the time.
With FreeDownliner you are building over 30 downlines instead of 1

Freedownliner.com will help you to considerably increase your referral base. With FreeDownliner, You will meet the thrill of getting 3, 5 or even 12 sign ups instead of just one. And this service is provided completely FREE of charge - anyone can become a member!
But there's so much more FreeDownliner does for you - on total autopilot. Read on.

Don't Promote Without Building Your List

The good part in hard working marketers' promoting is that they are taking action and most likely, they are also getting some results. However, what happens when they stop promoting...? Nothing...? Exactly, they are right where they once started. Hours and hours of clicking and all they've got is probably 3-5 referrals in Joe's program.
What else? The hard working marketer has built Joe's list. Yep, they did not build their own lists, but they did that for Joe. Good for Joe, but hey, are you still wondering why most people quit after banging their head on the wall for weeks and all that for Joe's list?
I know this happens, because I've been there and I've done that too.
With FreeDownliner you are building your own list. Your own leads, not Joe's.

What's all that buzz about "Build Your List"?

I'll explain this with an example. Suppose there are 2 salesmen, the other one picks up the yellow pages and start searching clients taking cold calls, trying to make appointments to get even a chance to make a sale.
The other salesman is organized and has already customers in his database. He takes his calls to his customers who already knows him and he can make sales already with that first call. Can you see the difference?
Let me put this again in another way. If you were buying something, would you prefer to buy from a person you already know? This is exactly what list building is all about. Internet Marketing is referring others, right? So, would you prefer to advertise to cold prospects using list builders, safelists and TEs or to send an email to your own hot list of marketers who already know you?
You don't have to answer this question, just start building your OWN list with FreeDownliner, we will show you how.


Show Me The Money!

FreeDownliner.com will be generating multiple streams of income for you. When you promote FreeDownliner, you'll be promoting the Best Email Service, the Best Mailer Management System the Best Tracker and the Best List Builders and Traffic Exchanges. They are all tools you need yourself too, and most likely you are already using some of them. Marketers who take their business seriously don't want to spend their time just clicking hours, we want to see results fast. Upgrading is the way and we know it pays back.

I saved the coolest part here. Remember my example about those 2 salesmen above? Are you the "Yellow Page-marketer" or would you prefer to be the organized salesperson? I'm not kidding, this is a serious question. Look around you, who's making the money and why do they succeed?
The answer my friend is: "Those people succeed, who build their lists" and to build that list they need an autoresponder. They also need something that will suck in people joining in their lists.
FreeDownliner supports the best autoresponder out there. Autoresponder with the most lucrative pay plan. Pay plan that will generate you a residual monthly income you never dreamed of, just following our training and using the tools you need anyway.
With FreeDownliner you will be building your own list AND YOUR MONTHLY INCOME
on auto pilot.

The latest addon in FreeDownliner: Team Advertising Program!!
This advertising program tops up FreeDownliner to an absolute killer. There's no other program even close to FreeDownliner.com.


What is a program without a bonus. To make it absolutely sure, you'll succeed with the FreeDownliner, I will show you "The 9 Signups System". It's the exact system I'm using daily to make signups every day. You'll get it absolutely FREE.
So here you have it all. A System How To Generate Leads, Build Multiple Downlines, Build Your Own List. A System Generating a Solid, Monthly, Residual Income With a Team Advertising Twist.
I'm surprised even myself what a Magical Income Builder, I've made.
See Yourself. Join NOW!


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  • Get a FREE website with all YOUR referral IDs inserted
  • Get a website with YOUR lead capture form inserted
  • Build Your Own List, Your Leads - not anyone else's
  • Generate Multiple Streams of Income
  • Get Tons of Free Advertising
  • Unlimited direct downline growth - with all YOUR referral IDs
  • Unlimited free Flow-Through of your referral IDs to your downline's downlines
  • Real-time statistics both of your direct and indirect downline size
  • Real-time statistics of hits to your programs
  • No web programming experience required
  • We support only the best programs
  • Complete support
  • Bonus! As a bonus you will learn "The 9 Signups System"

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